Miranda Wilson


Jordan Loughran
“I worked with Miranda in London to brush up on my American accent. I loved the relaxed atmosphere. Having a conversational-style session really helped me to understand the natural rhythm of the dialect and to work on ‘tricky sounds’ that pop up when you least expect them. Having lived in London, Miranda knows a lot of the sounds and words that can trip up a British-speaker and knows the tips and tricks to help deal with them when they come up.”

Sarah Lamesch
Miranda is a fantastic dialect Coach and has great knowledge about the different accents ( Dialects) in the US. Her aim is to make you sound fully American, so you’re able to improvise in GenAm which gives you more freedom as an actor. After only a few lessons I already felt a lot more confident going for American parts”

Victoria Ekanoye
“Miranda was recommended by my agent in London and we worked together on my Gen Am for several months. Hands down the most relaxed and friendly accent coach I’ve ever had. Really made me pay attention to detail and I’m now working in an American accent! Thanks Miranda! xx”

Alex Chang
“Miranda is a proven industry expert and actress with extensive knowledge on the American accent and how to get it down the best way possible. Her sessions are precise, practical and above all, she’s a patient accent coach. An excellent accent coach is so valuable in the acting game, and if want to nail the GenAm accent, she would be my go-to option.”

Simon Boughey
“Miranda Wilson is an excellent dialect coach. She’s relaxed, but has a scrupulous attention to detail. She approaches American dialect coaching with the view that this is not merely a different sound to British English, but a different language. Coaching with her will make any actor more confident about approaching a script requiring American dialect.”