Miranda Wilson

Dialect Coaching for Actors

More and more pervasively, the acting industry is becoming accessible to international talent. There are an increasing number of roles open to actors from non English speaking countries and to actors from anywhere who are able to ‘Act American’! Anyone from anywhere, able to convince the American audience, and deliver a brilliant acting performance.

There are also a larger number of stories that reflect the diverse cornucopia of cultures and habits and ways of speaking that make up our world.


  • You’ll be coached on the main tongue, lip and mouth positions on all of the key vowel and consonant shifts of the target dialect.
  • We will practice accurate speech, intonation, rhythm patterns particular to each target dialect.
  • You will receive 14 pages of course material for an 8 week GenAm basic program, for practice and refinement.
  • We’ll discuss Breath Control, Emotions and Physical Movement, in reference to the impact on dialect.
  • We’ll discuss supportive audio/audio-visual aids.
  • I strongly encourage you to record the sessions to help you when practicing alone.
  • Each session will provide you with target exercises for your home practice.
  • It takes approximately 8 hours to achieve a foundation of GenAm from scratch, with extensive regular practice required to develop it.

Session Format

  • One-to-One in person and Skype coaching available.
  • Small group intensives on the General American dialect, available on request.

Regional Dialects

  • Regional Dialect coaching available for those who’ve reached at least basic GenAm.
  • It takes approximately 2 hours to cover a regional dialect from scratch, with extensive regular practice to develop it.

Auditions and Performances

  • We’ll hard-wire the GenAm or Regional dialect onto your audition sides / character dialogue.
  • We’ll tape the audition scene, at submission level if self-taping, so you have the correct dialect on both sides of the dialogue.

Rates – All sessions are charged at the same hourly rate whether we are doing coaching or self-taping.

  • New Client First Session – 2 hour, full assessment session
  • Subsequent coaching sessions booked as 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Audition self-taping sessions billed in 15 min increments after the first hour.
  • Block of 8 hours, 10% discount