Miranda Wilson

About Miranda Wilson

I first started acting on stage when I was 11 and was cast as the lead in the school play ’Shoefly Pudding’. The role was originally written for a male, but I felt strongly that anyone with determination could do it! I was also cast a ‘Scrooge’ that year. This started my life long curiosity with ‘character roles’ and using dialects to create a character.

I continued on stage through out my high school years and went on to study Theatre Arts with an Acting emphasis, at UC Santa Barbara. While at UCSB I had laser surgery for polyps on my vocal cords which introduced me to a whole different perspective on using the voice and vocal exercises and care. My Hollywood career in the 1980’s, was built on TV and film roles that mostly required my own dialect and one TV guest starring role using my RP Dialect.

Over the years I was away from acting, raising my kids, I spent 100s of hours creating voices as I read aloud. I read everything from Dr Seuss to Harry Potter, doing all the voices myself, resulting in everyone’s great enjoyment. When in 2014 my London acting agency asked me to start coaching their clients on the American Dialect, it seemed a natural addition to my other skills.

I was also a Voice and Movement tutor at Met Film School, until moving back to the US in 2018.

I use a selection of printed material to guide you in achieving a GenAm foundation. Whether you grew up speaking with an English dialect, or you are coming from an ESL background, we approach GenAm as a new language. Using my wealth of knowledge about acting on camera and stage, having worked extensively in Los Angeles as well as in London, I’m able to coach you on both how to sound American, as well as on the cultural and character notes that give your portrayal the authenticity needed to book the job.

For more information about my work, visit my personal website mirandawilson.com.