Miranda Wilson
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Dialect Coaching

Dialect coaching gives the actor the tools needed to successfully act in a General American (GenAm) dialect, with the option for numerous regional American dialects. Accent Reduction gives the ESL actor the tools needed to connect, internationally, in the progressively diverse film/TV industry. I offer both supportive one-to-one coaching, and small group intensives, as well as, coaching on film/TV and theatre auditions and productions.

Essential to any dialect is the time spent consciously practicing the individual placement of a dialect – where the dialect is felt – which, in each case is highly-specific, revolving around tongue height, position of the soft palate, degree of closed, or openness of the jaw and lips. This will be hard-wired into your muscular memory during the session.

When we work together, I listen to you speaking and watch how you use your vocal apparatus. I also get a feel for your absorption level during the initial 2 hour assessment session. As we work, I’m building an organic tailored session to suit your specific needs, along a guideline of course work that assures you create a firm foundation.

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